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SPV Testbench Studio is a C++ based environment for hardware verification. Its combination of fast and portable code, robust framework, and the use of a standard language makes it the most efficient, flexible, and cost effective solution for hardware verification simulator interface classes. SPV Testbench Studio includes many optimizations that make it faster than all popular verification tools on the market. In particular, SPV's architecture includes a unique apparatus for parallel execution that does not use multithreading. This method is particularly effective when many parallel tasks are required due to the savings in overhead incurred by massive multithreading.

Key Benefits:
  • Suitable for FPGA and ASIC development
  • Performance - High speed (5X compared to other verification tools)
  • Standard C++ Language -
    Modular and reusable code
    Wide range of tools and libraries available
    Low cost and fast development for new features
    Qualified engineers available with no need to retrain
  • Plug & Play - including libraries of components for Audio and Video processing
    Read/write files: bmp, jpg, tif, png - wave,mp3...
    Manipulation: Rotate, make diff, draw. play, mono/multiple channels
    Insert/collect to Hardware.
    Generate video/audio files
    All you need for video/audio processing without Matlab

  • DSP & SPV
    SPV Integrated Matlab reference models, for direct on-line comparison, of a DSP algorithm versus HDL implementation (requires Matlab compiler)
    The Matlab interface library provides an easy, intuitive, C++ interface for writing mex functions or calling compiled Matlab functions.
  • Support of all Standard C++ Design Environments like GNU, VisualC++ etc.
  • Support of all Common Simulators
  • Platform - Windows, Linux and Unix

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