CAM BluePrint

PCB document authoring tool that automates the PCB documentation process

Introducing BluePrint Foundations™

BluePrint Foundations™, it is built from the same core technology as BluePrint-PCB, allowing users to quickly create comprehensive, electronic PCB fabrication and assembly instructions, but it is more closely aligned in price to appeal to PCB Designers who currently use PADS®, OrCAD® and CADStar® PCB layout products.

The Solutions

"BluePrint Foundations will allow us to further expand into the market by providing a solution to PCB layout designers on a more restricted budget but still require comprehensive PCB documentation to build their products", said Rick Almeida, a founder of DownStream Technologies. "BluePrint Foundations provides a customizable solution, as well as a path for adding additional functionality as our customer's technical and financial conditions evolve. The product is modular and can be incrementally upgraded at any time" he added.

BluePrint Foundation Features Include:

  • CAD system Import Integration of your Choice
  • Fabrication Tool Pallet
  • Assembly Tool Pallet
  • Insert Object
  • Web Publisher
  • Hyper linking
  • Automatic ECO updates
  • Full word processing
  • Exotic File Import
Revolutionizing PCB Documentation Creation

With the introduction of BluePrint for PCBs™ in 2005, and BluePrint Foundations™ today, DownStream Technologies has revolutionized the way PCB Fabrication, Assembly, Panel and Rework documentation is created. It also allows PCB Designers to create comprehensive and detailed documentation making manufacturing mistakes less likely to occur. BluePrint Foundations is 100% compatible with BluePrint-PCB and allows users to mix and match configurations to meet their needs.

BluePrint's Value

Product success requires solid execution. Documentation provides zero end product value, but requires skilled PCB Designers to produce it. Poor documentation increases manufacturing complexity. BluePrint helps to automate the PCB documentation creation process minimizing time spent on this task, allowing you to move onto your next design sooner, while improving the quality, accuracy and usability of your PCB documentation, avoiding manufacturing delays.

BluePrint Features
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