SG 3100 Series

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Optimized for growing companies If you recognize your company when reading this then you have probably found the product you need.

As a growing company in a crowded market you need to make every choice as smart as you can. You need to plan for tomorrow but don't want to spend more money today then you need to.

However, spending less money doesn't mean that you don't appreciate quality. You simply want to make sure that the product you are buying today isn't overpriced and that it will fit the company you might be tomorrow.

The 3100 Series is a powerful product built on the same technology as our largest telecom products but with a different price tag.
This means that with the 3100 Series you are getting a product large enough for the "big boys" but small enough to fit your budget, and best of all; flexible enough to grow when you need it to.
Investment Friendly The 3100 Series consists of three (3) license models, each differentiated by features and performance.
Thanks to the unique Clavister X-pansion Lines you are able to start with the model that fits your current needs and upgrade to a larger model as your business and network grows.

Say goodbye to 'rip-and-replace' and say hello to 'scale-in-place'
Super configurability With the 3100 Series you can set security policies any way you want - from having a specific, detailed policy for every single user in your organisation to filtering by application, network, time of day or any one of a hundred other variables.