SG 3200 Series

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Modularity With the 3200 Series you can set security policies any way you want - from having a specific, detailed policy for every single user in your organisation to filtering by application, credentials, time of day or any one of a hundred other variables since we know that no two networks are alike.
Scalability One of the most important aspects of the Clavister Security Gateway 3200 Series is the extreme scalability in combintion with the Clavister xPansion Lines licensing concept. The 3200 Series ranges from 350 to 1,000 Mbit/s plaintext and 100 to 250 Mbit/s VPN Throughput. That means that this product will be able to cater for all your performance and functionality needs today as well as in the future when your organisation grows.
Big on Performance - Low on Maintenance With the 3200 Series, just as with all other Clavister products, there are no time-consuming upgrades and service pack installations to be done (as is common with many other vendors). Any upgrades that are required (to handle newly emerging threats, for example) are provided by the Clavister Service Provisioning Network (CSPN).