SG 4200 Series

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Size does matter We know that the secret of producing secure, high-performing products lies in compactness and optimization.
That is why the 4200 Series is amongst the most secure and high performing systems in the world. Yet products don’t require more rack space than one height unit. The entire software footprint powering these products is less than 1.000 Kbytes in size.
Now that’s small.
Investment Friendly The 4200 Series consists of four (4) license models, each differentiated by features and performance.
Thanks to the unique Clavister X-pansion Lines you are able to start with the model that fits your current needs and upgrade to a larger model as your business and network grows.

Say goodbye to 'rip-and-replace' and say hello to 'scale-in-place'
Today and in the future Usually it isn't a big problem finding a product that can respond to most of the needs and demands that you might have today.

Finding a product that is flexible enough to deliver what you need the day after tomorrow is a much harder task.

To more and more customers the 4200 Series is the answer to this problem!

With it's high performance and super configurable features you get a product that can adapt to whatever is lurking around the corner.
Minimal Maintenance With the 4200 Series, just as with all other Clavister products, there are no time-consuming upgrades and service pack installations to be done (as is common with many other vendors). Any upgrades that are required (to handle newly emerging threats, for example) are provided by the Clavister Service Provisioning Network (CSPN).