SG 4400 Series

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Freedom of
We know that no two networks are alike, that is why we design our products to be as flexible as possible. With the 4400 Series you get endless possibilities to configure and fine-tune the performance so that it fits your network perfectly.
Future Safe The 4400 Series consists of four (4) license models, each differentiated by features and performance. Thanks to the unique Clavister X-pansion Lines you are able to start with the model that fits your current needs and upgrade to a larger model as your business and network grows.

Say goodbye to 'rip-and-replace' and say hello to 'scale-in-place'
Purpose built The 4400 Series is custom made to function in perfect harmony together with the Clavister CorePlus™ software product.
The result is higher peformance, stability and less maintenance.
Reliable The majority of our customers rely on their network for their everyday business.
To ensure that your business continues without any interuptions we designed the 4400 series to include redundancy in every vital part of the system, in hardware as well as software.

If you don't want to worry about network failures ruining your business; choose the 4400 Series!
One step ahead If you are a telecom operator or a service provider you probably want to be able to provide a Service Level Agreement. This often means that you want to be one step ahead and replace components before they fail. The 4400 Series gives you that option since it is equiped with redundant and administrator replaceable components such as power supplies and fan modules.