SG 5500 Series

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Seamless Scaleability The 5500 Series is a chassis based system with a capacity of up to eight (8) secure blade modules, seven (7) hot-swappable power supplies, four (4) fan modules, Rear Transition Modules and Chassis Management Modules for out-of-band management.

This, in combination with the unique licensing model, the Clavister xPansion Lines™, provides seamless scaleability that for example lets you scale from 10.000 GAN subscribers to 400.000. The extreme and seamless scaleability enables you as a telecom operator to balance the Capital Expense (CapEX) with your current subscriber base.

The xPansion Lines™ licensing model makes it possible for you to unlock more subscribers by just replacing the license file, Say goodbye to 'rip-and-replace' and say hello to 'scale-in-place'.
Purpose built The 5500 Series is custom made to fit the specific needs and demands in Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) networks, this includes GAN, I-WLAN, FemtoCell and PicoCell based solutions.

The result is high and predictable performance, supreme stability and less maintenance.
Reliable Telecom operators rely on their network for their everyday business.
To ensure that your business continues without any interuptions we designed the 5500 series to include redundancy in every vital part of the system, in hardware as well as software.

If you don't want to worry about network failures ruining your business; choose the 5500 Series!
One step ahead If you are a telecom operator or a service provider you probably want to be able to provide a Service Level Agreement. This often means that you want to be one step ahead and replace components before they fail. The 5500 Series gives you that option since it is equiped with redundant and administrator replaceable components such as power supplies and fan modules.
Unique Feature Set The Clavister Security Gateway 5500 Series has been developed in close co-operation with leading telecom equipment manufacturers as well as telecom operators. The result is not only a highly unique hardware platform but also a feature set based on the unique requirements from the telecom industry. This feature set includes for instance IKEv2 and EAP-SIM for SIM card based authentication. The unique feature set ensures reliable subscriber integrity and the highest core-network security.